LAND: 318 acres: consisting of one 100 acre parcel on Anvil Road off Hwy373,  four contiguous 40 acre parcels (160 ac), one 15 acre parcel on Hwy 373 next to the US Post Office, three contigious parcells off Hwy 373 totalling 43.3 acres.

WATER: 90.4 acre feet Nevada Certified Water Rights   [an additional 109 acre feet of Certified Water Rights is available] 

      120 acre feet of Nevada Permitted Water Rights 

3 wells and computerized irrigation system  [another well without pump]

POWER: 3 Phase to the wells 

TREES:      6,000+ Eldarica (Mondell) pine trees 10' to 22"


 OWNER Farm Road LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company dba, Amargosa Pine Growers


amargosa map thumb LOCATION

In the Amargosa Valley, Nye County, Nevada 85 miles NW of Las Vegas off US 95 and Hwy 373 near the California border of Death Valley.  The Amargosa Valley is situated at 2640 feet above sea level and on top of a prehistoric aquifer that supplies clean, mineral rich water at less than a 200 foot depth.


PROPERTY TAXES   Approximately $4000 per year.



*Medical & Recreational Marijuana cultivation.  The Farm Road LLC land has been approved by Nye County and the Amargosa Valley Town Board for Medical Marjuana cultivation and supports the Cannabis industry.

Medical Marijuana since April 2014 is legal in Nevada. 371 cultivation, dispensary, production and testing licenses have just been approved in the State of Nevada.  Full Recreational Marijuana legalization was approved in Nevada via the ballot initiative in November 2016 and offered for sale July 1, 2017.  Oregon and Alaska voted to legalize recreational marijuana.  Experiences in Colorado, California and Washington have demonstrated that there is consistently a lack of quality strain marijuana available.  Amargosa Valley is poised to become the largest and most productive marijuana cultivation location in Nevada; if not the U.S.


*The location is within a day's trucking to all major urban areas in Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Northern Texas.  The Farm Road LLC land in Amargosa Valley on Hwy 373 off U.S. Hwy 95 ideally located for distribution of marijuana,  trees, agricultural Hydroponic produce or, other farmed crops as below.


*The land with water is much more valuable; there is a lot of desert land worthless without water.  Conversely with the current drought, water rights are precious and appreciating in value.  No new water permits are being issued in Amargosa Valley.  As the real estate market is beginning to re-emerge this is prime land for appreciation.  


*Tree Farm.  Already an existing tree farm for 16 years with wells and a complete computerized irrigation system.  Although tree sales for landscaping have been slow in the last few years, the landscape tree market is back and growing; pun intended.  Capital is required for expansion and marketing.


*Green Fact:  One acre of Eldarica pine evergreen trees (100 average pines) sequesters and removes from the atmosphere some five to eight tons of CO2 per year. APG sequesters some 2400 tons of CO2 each year.


*Hydroponic Facility.  There is an ever increasing demand for quality organic produce in nearby Las Vegas and the Southwest.


*Other farm products such as Pomegranates, garlic, pistachios, fruit trees and Hemp.


*Bottled Water.  210 acre feet of water is over 68,00,000 gallons of water allowable to be drawn from the aquifer annually.  The water has been tested to be over 50,000 years old with many beneficial minerals and no impurities.


*Land Development.  The land is situated in the prime central area of the Amargosa Valley with easy access to Hwy 373, main roads and US 95.  It could be subdivided and developed for housing or commercial purposes.  There is a major solar project approved for Amargosa Valley. The Yucca Mountain project(some 25 miles away) is to be restarted (?).  This will bring scientific, technical and construction jobs, as well as making Amargosa Valley a scientific hub.  All that growth will create a huge demand for industrial sites and housing.



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